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21 Days of Prayer 2022

Day  3



This session highlighted many of the times that Scripture mentions Jesus praying to his Father. Which of Jesus’s prayers stood out to you, and why?


J.D. acknowledged that many Christians, even church leaders, struggle with prayer. We may know a lot of Scripture or have an admirable history of sharing the gospel with others, but most of us do not enjoy a rich, regular prayer life. How would you describe the frequency of your prayers?


J.D. pointed to Jesus’s words in John 15:1–7, in which Jesus emphasized that apart from him we “can do nothing.” Abiding in Christ implies praying. What do you think of when you hear “abide in Christ”? What role has prayer played in your relationship with God?


J.D. led us through a quick overview of Jesus’s prayers in the Gospel of Luke. He pointed out that Jesus prayed often, especially before major events in his life and ministry. Even though he was the Son of God, he still felt compelled to talk to his heavenly Father regularly. In what situations do you typically feel the need to pray? Why those occasions over others?


J.D. marveled at the amazing results that came from the disciples’ first day of ministry—all after spending days in prayer, waiting for God to act. The order of operations—prayer first, then action—is worth remembering. Which typically comes first for you, action or prayer about that action? When have you seen unexpectedly positive results after praying repeatedly?




Our power to live righteous, godly lives comes from God himself. As we yield to the Holy Spirit, we are able to think, speak, and act according to his will. Being in tune with the Spirit requires regular time with him. Jesus calls such regular communion with him “abiding.”


What steps can you take today to think of prayer more as a way of abiding with Jesus? What can you do to begin or improve a habit of praying?


Read John 15:1–7. Meditate on Jesus’s life-giving metaphor of the vine and the branches. Observe in your own yard or nearby park how nature visualizes the spiritual truth of abundant living through abiding—trees with their leaves, bushes with berries, and the like.

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